Great Whore Of Babylon

by reanima

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Simon Sludge
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Simon Sludge I usually steer away from anything Deathcore, but knowing that at least one of their band members has a great taste in music, I thought I'd check this out. The guitars sound absolutely crushing and the album is bestial. So if you like Deathcore, you might as well check out some good Deathcore. ;)
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released November 14, 2012



all rights reserved


reanima Austria

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Track Name: Great Whore Of Babylon
Sinners and whores, wanted wasted
Liars and thieves are our leaders
Friendship dies with the appetite for flesh
The great whore of Babylon, our queen of this den of iniquity
Leader of the fallen, we will burn in thy light
Touching the skin of a double tongued snake, speaking in tongues
It feels alright, it feels good, it's no mistake
Buy it with the price of your soul, trade in your soul
And you are on the golden path
If believe in some false prophets would you to heaven
Then I'd rather want to go straight to Babylon
To my leader, the fallen one
To our queen, the blessed one
To our mother, the serpent´s womb
To our whore
Riding on the back of the seven headed beast
Track Name: My Name Is Fuck You
What I call myself you will find out in less than a second
You shall not repeat my name, that is my only promise
My name is Fuck You, that´s what I´ll do
With a bomb belt, I hug you, I shall come over you
Hatred is my copilot, a hundred miles per hour in the lowest gear
Knife slashing, tearing your organs apart
Guts gashing, my killing is a god given art
With a bomb belt, I hug you
I leave your body one big bleeding wound
With a bomb belt I hit the bus – badaboom
Pull the string – blow you up
Track Name: Hypertension
Restless eyes
Hyperventilate, pressure is too high
Cold steel in my pocket, my insurance
If looks could kill
I´ll be dead a thousand times
Want to see tragedy, want to see something happen
These eyes just keep staring right through me
I just want to place them where they all can´t see
Penetrating looks, piercing glance
We are all insane and we are all the same
Haunting clouds of eyeballs lurking overhead
Pouring down on me
Scratching out the eyes, stare them down
I want to tear them out and nail them right down to a wall
Nail them to a wall, stare them outright down
End this now
Track Name: Mengamuk
I am the bringer of light, the bringer of doom
To this hate infested society, bow down to me
Crush your existence with a single strike
Bleeding like a slaughtered pig
Beheaded – you´ve lost your crown, you all shall drown, in your own blood
Out of this ocean of blood I shall rise, becoming your new god
Let the children come to me, like sheep to the slaughter, bring them on one by one
I´ll break your necks, devour your souls, burn your flesh
You´ve lost your crown, now it´s time to bleed
I need your blood, I need your crown
Fulfill my dream, becoming god when I hear you scream
Your sword is mine, cuts through the flesh
Crush your worthless existence with my iron fist
Bow down, this is my kingdom
My kingdom, your death
I´ll take you home, come follow me
All your damned souls will burn with me
Track Name: Thanks A Bomb
a fast chain of commands, iron and steel
the steely chains are rattling
and rolling over hillocks
cruising around with class and style
join hands
join hands with the armless
let's dance
let's dance with the legless
hey it's just war
come on and go insane
and dance to bombshelter beats
don't pity the blind for they are enabled
to visualize the pain
join hands and dance and die
bombs mines limbs bodyparts explosions
collateral damage
let's start with bomb carpets
they're still the best and if the killrate's too low
plant some mushroom clouds
it bleeds it hurts it burns and blows your brain out
just damaged insane
Track Name: The Red One
A total loss of control over body, mind and soul
This craving for dominance becomes an obsession
Leading to addiction, causing a weird excitement
This nerve wracking tension grows and it needs to be relieved
I´m living in the hell of my own creation, giving in to my morbid fantasy, my real vocation
This duality corrodes me, there´s nowhere I can run, there´s nowhere I can hide
I just need one more kill, and then my needs should be fulfilled
I don´t want to harm or hurt nobody, I just want to kill
Peace of death is soothing me, bringing peace of mind, making me feel real in my own reality
I must regain control, I´m out there to attain distinction,
As a nerve wracking tension builds and it needs to be relieved
Track Name: The Lucifer Experiment
Sadistic behavior hibernates, planted deep within
Evoking the everlasting question of the leading role
How far would you go, how little does it take?
Master, servant, victim, tormentor
Just one step forward or one step back
A lack of empathy, the loss of moral standards, the signs and pressure of the present times
Always was, always will be
Will you keep faith or will you lose your face?
As fear and disrespect combine
Giving birth to an invincible confession
How long does it take to overcome your inhibition?
And lift yourself in a superior position
Don´t be shy, unleash the innermost demons, let yourself go
Track Name: Homemade Annihilation Of Peace
Ever since the dawn of time when discord was rare
It´s seeds were sown slowly until animosity emerged
Unavoidable like the rising and setting of the sun
Diplomacy gave way to brutality and cunning deceit
As the first hostilities were declared and conflicts started to seize the world
Minds were filled with fear and turned away from exploration
Now provided with a motive for hatred and destruction
A beast called war was born and raised
Unleashed upon humanity until the end of days
The well-bred merciless war machine drowns out the planet and it´s undying scream
Forcing mankind to its knees, delivering total annihilation of all existing peace